02/02/2015 - New Escapade and Roadrat Colours

In March we will be getting our next batch of Roadrats and Escapades.

For 2015 we have swapped one colour on each of the models; Roadrat continues with Gloss Olive/British Racing Green as it's luuuuurvely and people are really liking it, and will now come in the matte orange as beautifully modeled by the Soul275.

Roadrat Gloss Olive Roadrat Matte Orange

Escapade continues in Duck Egg but with the Blacklite reflective graphics introduced last year on the Gloss Olive Roadrat, and new for 2015 is Hot Yellow, a spiffing gloss finished vision of loveliness. It's going to look fantastic as the Complete Bike option with all the black kit.

Escapade Updated Duckegg Escapade Gloss Yellow

We still have small and medium Roadrats in stock in Duck Egg if you prefer that option or you'd just like a lovely looking bike RIGHT NOW DAMMIT!

We're aiming to have the Hot Yellow Escapade and Matte Orange Roadrat on our stand at London Bike Show next week. To order your tickets, head over to the London Bike Show website.

To pre-order your 2015 colour Escapade frame or bike, click here now:


To pre-order your 2015 colour Roadrat, or to order your Duck Egg Roadrat for delivery this week, click here now:


If you have no idea what the Escapade and Roadrat are, head over to the product pages or check our launch video. This is what these bikes are about....

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