09/09/2015 - Blacklite Decals

Reflective panel

We've had quick a few people asking recently what's going on with us putting solid black panels on our more recent colour options. The answer is, they aren't solid black! For a while now we have been using 3M Blacklite material for the COTIC lettering on the wrap decals. It's very dark, and subtle in daylight, and never ones to make life easy for ourselves it's a pig to photograph! It shimmers slightly when you see it for real, which is pretty classy, but the real party trick is when it gets dark. At night it shines up and sparkles because it's reflective, just like the more common silver Scotchlite reflective foil.

It's brilliant for the Life Bikes like the Escapade and Roadrat because it doesn't shout LOOK AT ME too much when leaving them locked up (the loud Hot Yellow and Matte Orange colours are a slightly different matter!), and when riding home in traffic in the dark, the bike lights up and helps keep you safe.

We liked the look with the Matte Orange so it's running on the new Solaris as well, because it will look really cool when you're on the night ride with your mates this winter.

New Solaris

Just like the fact you get all your boss bolts, hose clips and a seat QR in with your frame when you buy it, it's all in the details. It usually is with us.

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