16/10/2015 - Ooooo....Pretty Colours

More product stuff: It is bloody busy here at the moment! We have had new shipments of Soul275 and BFe275 into stock, and there are some new photos to show you shot in our exclusive photo studio aka Burbage Valley in the Peak District.

First up, Soul275. We are still running Matte Orange because, well, I like it, but we have pulled in a couple of the ace colours from the Life Bikes for the winter/spring season. Here is Hot Yellow and British Racing Green

Gloss Yellow with black reflective panel. Gloss British Racing Green.

We have gone a bit old school motorsport with the references here, as BRG with orange detailing were the colours made famous by BRM in F1 and Le Mans in the 1960's. They also made the quite outstandingly bonkers H16 configuration engine for the then new 3 Litre Formula 1 of 1966. But I disgress.....

On the BFe275 we have Matte Green and Matte Blue continuing, and being joined by Grey/Yellow.

BFe275 in Gloss Grey, Deore build

We also shot the Matte Blue a couple of weeks ago on a lovely sunny morning, so you can have that photo too on this rather dull Friday afternoon......

BFe275 in Matte Bright Blue, Deore build

If you're particularly eagle eyed you might have noticed that those two BFes are built with Deore kit and Shimano wheels rather than our usual XT/Hope kit. That's because as of today we're offering a second bike build option, for a lot less than the XT/Hope.

Still the same lovely X Fusion forks, still the same lovely Race Face/Cotic finishing kit, still the same proper Conti Pure Grip tyres, but instead of XT and Hope wheels we're offering the Deore 2x10 drivetrain, Cane Creek headset and Shimano MT-15 wheels to make the bikes a little more affordable.

This means that the BFe275 starts at just 1500, and the Soul and Solaris now start at 1650. We will be doing an option with the Rocket275 after Christmas. We're having to wait on bolt through rear axle hubs for that. We'll get you details and exact pricing on that when we have the wheels and are ready to go.

All the Soul275 and BFe275 new frame colours (and the existing ones for that matter) are in stock and available right now, as are the Deore bikes. Get involved and orders yours today.


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