13/03/2015 - 26 ain't quite dead

We've had a fair few people asking what's happening with our 26" hardtails recently given that we've run low on mediums in particular.

To confirm, there is another batch of BFe26 coming in about 3 months. We've been caught out a bit with this because the medium sold through whilst we still have good stock of small and large, but they will be back and we'll be running matte green and gritstone as the colours again.

As regards the Soul26, unfortunately for our founding product we have decided that the current batch in stock is the end of the road. Whilst BFe26 sales are still strong, at the lighter weight, higher end of the market the 27.5 and 29 inch wheels have pretty much taken over. At the current level of sales compared to the 27.5 Soul and 29 Solaris we can't justify another batch of Soul26. We need to be able to move at least a batch per year, and over the last 12 months it has dipped below this point, whereas Soul275 sales have rocketed right from the moment we introduced it. We're sorry to be saying this, and it's weirdly emotional for us given that - as I said - it's our founding product. However, the Soul lives on in the 275 version, and times change. We've always said we are all about building Modern Steel Hardtails. If that doesn't include 26" wheels anymore, then so be it.

So, if you want an awesome 26" wheel, light weight, zippy trail hardtail, this is your last chance. Once they're gone, they're gone. You can order yours here:


On a brigher note, that man Craig Evans has a big write up on Pinkbike today, which features his starring role in #26aintdead. Seems pretty appropriate today, for the BFe at least. Get some berms smashed!

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