15/09/2015 - Chubby In Stock


For those of you interested in the Chubby/Plus/Semi-Fat tyres, we have our first batch of wheels in stock now, and available to order.

The wheelset is based around the WTB kit, with Asym i35 front rim for good support of the front tyre at low pressures, Asym i29 rear to keep the weight down at the rear for a zippier feel where tyre support is less critical. These are built onto Hope Pro2 Evo hubs with double butted spokes, and are hand finished. We will fit the WTB 27.5 x 2.8" Trailblazer tyres using the WTB tubeless system. All this little lot is 599 delivered to the UK.

You can order just the wheelset here:


Or you can have the wheelset with your Solaris frame here:


Or you can have them on your Solaris bike, either instead of the 29er wheels, or as well as if you want to keep your options open:


We know plenty of you will scoff at yet another new wheel thing, but it's really fun this. Cy says his next hardtail will be a Solaris with 275 Plus wheels when we build the new demo fleet. There's also quite a cool blog on the WTB website about how the Trailblazers came about. Have a read if you have 5 minutes....


Oh, and as we've been asked a fair few times - yes, you can put the Trailblazers into the original Solaris (including the ones we have in small for just 299 right now). The new bike has a little more clearance than the original, but we did all the development work with these type wheels and tyres in an original Solaris and had no trouble.

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