25/02/2015 - Launching 2015 Demo Season

Today we're launching the 2015 Calver Demo Season, with the first three dates across April, May and June. After a break last year we're excited to be back doing these, running rides from our warehouse in the heart of the Peak District. They're a lot of fun, and we get some proper riding in so you can get the best idea about the bikes you're interested in. Tea, Coffee and Biscuits have been purchased. We're ready!

Why from Calver? It's actually pretty central, and there is tonnes of amazing riding to be done up here. We'll do proper guided rides around our 60-75 minute local test loop which has some great climbs and really fun descents, and it'll give you a flavour of where and how we develop our bikes.

Come and make a weekend of it. Ride a demo on Saturday, do another local loop once you're done with us, a big Peak Classic on Sunday and you've had a lovely time.

Dates are as follows:

We're building up a demo fleet of the latest bikes and for the first demo we will have the following bikes available:

When the BFe275 frames arrive we will build at least one medium, but that won't be available until the May demo at the earliest.

Either Paul or Cy will guide you, answer any questions you may have and generally have a nice time. Rides will go out at the following times:

If it gets busy we will add a 4pm ride weather/daylight permitting.

You have to reserve the size and model of bike you want to ride and which ride you're planning on doing as we're limited to 8 people per ride.

To book, drop us an email at demo@cotic.co.uk or call 07970 853531 with your name, phone number, preferred ride time and bike preference and we will reserve it for you. Feel free to book a couple of different bikes on different rides; maybe try a couple of different sizes if you're not sure, or the two different wheel sizes.

Once you're booked on, we will send you a map with our exact location (sat nav's don't work) and some other joining instructions. At the very least you'll need a helmet. No helmet, no ride. All you have to do then is turn up in Calver 30 mins before your ride to be set up on the bike of your choice.

And as if Peak District riding wasn't enough on it's own, another great advantage of coming to the Calver demos is that if (as we hope) you're over the moon with the bike you've ridden, you can walk away with your new frame that very day as we're all set to prep and process your new frame order whilst you wait, although if you want a complete bike we'll need a few days to get that built.

If you do take our advice and make a weekend of it, have a look on Visit Peak District for some accommodation and maybe some things to do for partners/kids.

If you need route advice then both of these Vertebrate Publishing guides for the Dark Peak and White Peak are ace and packed with info. And of course, our local Cotic dealer and all round top shop 18 Bikes are in Hope to help you with any kit you need/want/break during your stay.

Although we do get asked, we're afraid we have no plans to demo anywhere else. With just two of us doing demos on top of running the company, we simply don't have the time to put into scouting locations elsewhere and setting up the demos. We would rather do the demos here and know we can do them properly and give you a proper ride on the bikes. We hope you understand.

Looking forward to seeing you.

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